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My contractor installed an Elite Primer Pro Pump on my pond last year. It performs much better than my old pump and my waterfall looks great!
Daryl M.

Elite Genesis 11 Pond Pack

Elite Genesis 11 Pond Pack

Elite Genesis 11 Pond Pack is designed for highly stocked ponds and aquaculture projects up to 11,000 gallons.

Elite Genesis Pond Packages include everything you need to ensure crystal clear water and a healthy eco system for Koi and other pond fish. These professional grade complete pond filtration kits contain the best of everything and eliminate the guesswork of putting together a system yourself. An unbeatable value, Elite Genesis Pond Packs are the only pond kits on the market to feature Elite Genesis Filters. These economical kits also feature energy saving Elite external pond pump and heavy duty stainless steel ultraviolet clarifier to prevent green water caused by algae blooms. Simply the best value in the industry!

Elite Genesis 11 Package Standard Features:

  • Elite Genesis 11 Pond Filter (GF11)
  • Elite Primer Pro Series 6440GPH Pump (6440PRM23)
  • Stainless Steel 55 Watt Ultraviolet Clarifier

Elite Genesis 11 Pond Package Specifications:

SKU Pump Filter UV-C
EGP11 6440PRM23 GF11 55 Watt Stainless Steel UV-C

Available Upgrades:*

  • Optional Upgrade to Elite Pro Baldor Series Pump (features Baldor motor)
  • Optional Upgrade to larger Elite Primer Pro Series Pump (Higher Flow Rate)
  • Optional Upgrade to Stainless Steel 75 Watt Ultraviolet Clarifier (More Killing Power)

*Additional cost applies to optional upgrades.