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Performance on my new Elite 800 Series 5600 Pump drarfs that of my original pump and it's much quieter too. Thanks again for all your help.
Luis D.

Elite Primer Pro 2 High Head Series

Elite Primer Pro 2 High Head Series

Elite Primer Pro 2 Series Pump User Manual

Superior performance. Superior value. Elite Pumps stand alone.

Elite Primer Pro 2 High Head Series Pumps are the ideal choice for those wishing to achieve outstanding water flow rates for high head applications, including larger waterfalls.

Elite Primer Pro 2 Pumps improve upon the classic Primer Pro Series Pumps. These world-class pumps feature larger priming pots / algae traps and offer significantly higher flow rates than the original Primer Pro Series. These world-class self-priming external pond pumps are the recommended choice for use with Genesis Filters, Elite Filters, and other pressurized bead filters. Manufactured with pride in the USA, Elite Primer Pro2 Pumps are built to last and guaranteed to provide years of worry free use.

Elite Primer Pro 2 Pond Pumps feature 2" quick connect unions and are among the most energy efficient external pond pumps on the market today. Elite Pumps are industrial quality water circulation pumps and have earned an unmatched reputation for reliability. The Primer Pro2 Series continues the tradition of money saving efficiency and trouble free reliability that far exceeds that of competitor pumps.

Superior Performance. Elite Primer Pro 2 Series pumps are specifically engineered to delivery higher flow rates at higher total dynamic head (TDH) than competitor pumps on the market.

Superior Value. Elite Pumps are manufactured with pride in the USA and feature a 3 year warranty. Elite Primer Pro 2 Pumps are also self-priming pumps and feature large integrated priming pot / algae trap basket to maximize performance and product life.


  • Money saving high efficiency pump and motor units
  • Wide range of performance conditions can be matched
  • Self-priming design allows for suction lift placement
  • Extra-large priming pot protects pump motor from damage
  • 2” unions and tailpieces are included for easy installation
  • 15’ power cord and molded plug included for 115V installations
  • Ready for easy hardwiring for 230V installations
  • Dual voltage motors are available for most sizes
  • Both pump and motor are designed for quiet operation
  • Safety first - out of pond pumps help protect both you and your fish from annoying and potentially dangerous oil or electrical leaks
  • 3 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
  • Manufactured with pride in the USA

Elite Primer Pro 2 High Head Pump Performance Curves

Elite Primer Pro 2 High Head Series Pump Specifications:

Model HP Volts Max Watts Max Head GPH@5'
6900EP2HH65 1/2 115/230 912 65' 6900
8000EP2HH70 3/4 115/230 1164 70' 8100
8500EP2HH80 1 115/230 1524 80' 8520
9600EP2HH80 1 1/2 115/230 1824 80' 9660
11000EP2HH85 2 230 2156 85' 11220
12000EP2HH105 3 230 2860 105' 12120

Elite Primer Pro 2 Series Pump User Manual