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Performance on my new Elite 800 Series 5600 Pump drarfs that of my original pump and it's much quieter too. Thanks again for all your help.
Luis D.

Elite 800 Series Pumps

Elite 800 Series Pumps

Superior performance. Superior value. Elite Pumps stand alone.

Not all external pond pumps are created equal. When it comes to offering superior value and performance, Elite Pumps stand above the rest.

Elite 800 Series Pumps are our best seller and for good reason! The compact model 800 series delivers big flow for little power. These energy efficient pumps offer whisper quiet operation and are the perfect choice for use in smaller and simple ponds. The motor is totally enclosed fan-cooled for durability. 115V only. Includes a 15 foot cordset (compared to 8 foot cordset included with competitor pumps).

Superior Performance. Elite Pumps also offer superior performance and flow rates compared to competitor pumps on the market. In addition, Elite Pumps are also build to handle higher max head than competitor pumps costing hundreds more, making them an ideal pump for use in ponds with waterfalls and a wide variety of applications.

Superior Value. These high quality pumps are manufactured with pride in the USA and are covered by a 3 year limited manufacturer's warranty. This is the same warranty offered by competitor pumps costing hundreds more! Optional priming pot / algae trap available for above-pond installations. Elite Pumps also feature a 15' power cordset compared to 8' power cordset offered by competitor pumps.

Elite 800 Series Pump Features:

  • 2" Inlet
  • 1.5" Discharge
  • 15' Cordset (compare to 8' cordset on competitor pumps)
  • 3 Year Manufacturer's Limited Warranty
  • Superior flow rates compared to competitor pumps
  • Higher Max Head compared to competitor pumps (great for waterfalls!)
  • Versatile (Ideal for ponds, water features and aquaponics applications)
  • Energy efficiency (maximum energy savings)
  • 115V only
  • Made in the USA

Elite 800 Series Pumps Performance Curves

Elite 800 Series Pump Specifications:

Model HP Volts Max Watts Max Head GPH@5'
3600ELT17 1/15 115 147 17' 3600
4600ELT19 1/12 115 178 19' 4600
5600ELT22 1/10 115 248 22' 5600

Elite 800 Series Pump User Manual