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Purchased an Elite 800 Series 5600 Pump last spring. Despite plants and other debris in my pond, the pump is still going strong!
Marium L.

Elite 10 Filter

Elite 10 Filter
Elite 10 Filter

Elite Filter User Manual

Elite 10 Filter is designed for Koi ponds and water gardens up to10,000 gallons.

Elite Bead Filters provide complete filtration for Koi ponds and water gardens up to 10,000 gallons! These world-class pond bead filtration systems provide superior performance to other pond filters on the market costing hundreds more, making them a truly amazing value. Elite Filters are designed to be used with energy efficienty pumps, resulting in huge energy savings! Optional media agitator upgrade kit available. Features all-new black tank.

These units are designed for new applications or to retrofit existing ones.


  • Works with low-amp pumps
  • Easy to clean backwash feature
  • Backwashing pressure filter may be placed anywhere on the discharge of the pump (perfect for retrofitting existing ponds)
  • Valve can be hidden in an artificial rock or valve box
  • Filter comes assembled with bio bead media and specially formulated bacteria (12 oz bottle)
  • Bio bead media is designed for use with koi and goldfish ponds
  • Pressure gauge to indicate when to backwash
  • 2” quick-connect fittings on all connections
  • 7 position valve system
  • 1” screened drain for winterizing
  • Affordable modular system (+10,000 gal/additional filter) yields greater flow with lower head loss
  • Full 2 year warranty
  • Heavy duty stainless steel screen prevents large debris from entering media and prevents accidental discharge of media during backwash
  • Optional above ground base and hose kit for in-line pump available
  • Elite 10000 Filter Dimensions: width = 26", height = 44"
  • Optional media agitator upgrade available

Elite 10 Filter Specifications:

SKU Description Pond Size (Gallons) Inlet / Outlet Dimensions
EPF10 Elite 10 Pond Filter 10,000 2" / 2" 26" x 44"

Elite Filter User Manual